Adobe Certification is a great career move for creative professionals

Adobe is your one stop shop for creative content. Why not be a shopkeeper instead of just a customer?

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Adobe certification could help you land a job as a web designer, internet marketer, video editor, graphic designer, among countless others. While these qualifications are not usually required by most employers, they could nevertheless inspire confidence in clients, and give you the edge over the competition.

What is Adobe certification?

Adobe certification gives you the right to display a badge on your website, communicating to potential clients and employers familiarity with commonly used tools within your industry. You will become a “Adobe Certified Associate” or “Adobe Certified Expert” depending on the level of the exam. You can even get added to Adobe’s own index, which businesses can search through.

Rather than a single “Adobe Certification,” you will instead need separate qualifications for each piece of software. A photographer may wish to get certified in Photoshop for example, while a logo designer might use Illustrator. These are tools from Adobe’s “Creative Cloud” suit of apps, though you can also become certified in Adobe Advertising Cloud, Analytics, Campaign, and more.

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All you need to do is to sit a single exam, available to book through the official website (which can be a little frustrating to use). You can take the exam online, or at a physical test center. The exams aren’t cheap, but they’re relatively affordable compared to other certifications. Adobe certification in Illustrator for instance will set you back $180. Annoyingly, you won’t be able to see the prices before booking a time slot.

The tests don’t involve actually using the software, but rather answering multiple-choice questions about the best tools and methods to use. Exams are reported on a scale of 300-700, with a passing score being 550.

Results are provided right at the end of the exam.

Tips and closing thoughts

These days, anyone can list themselves as an expert in pretty much anything. If you want to stand out as a professional online, having certifications is a great way to do it. Adobe certification is a fast, affordable, and official way to demonstrate your skills using a range of industry-standard software packages, so it’s probably a good investment.

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You don’t need to have training in these tools before taking the exam, but it is highly advisable. Plenty of online courses teach these skills, such as Illustrator CC 2019 MasterClass from Udemy, or Ultimate Photoshop Training: From Beginner to Pro.

However, even Adobe says the best form of preparation for Adobe Certification, is real world experience using the tools for projects and clients. Get out there and get creative!

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