Lowest price ever on the Amazon Alexa Development Bundle

Let’s be honest, voice assistants are cool. Speaking to Alexa, Siri, or Cortana, is probably the closest thing most of us will get to having our own robot butler. But, have you ever considered Alexa development?

You might just like asking Alexa to tell you dad jokes, but there’s value in delving deeper into how this hot tech trend works. For hobbyists, you could build and publish your own Alexa apps. As an expert, you could even find employment in developing the technology further.

The Learn Amazon Alexa Development Bundle is the most affordable way to start exploring this exciting world. With $2,000 worth of training stuffed into a $15 bundle, we thought it was well worth sending your way.

The Learn Amazon Alexa Development Bundle

The Alexa Development Bundle is a curated collection of 10 learning kits, each one containing bite-sized video tutorials focused on one aspect of Alexa.

You’ll start off learning the most popular functions of voice assistants, such as controlling smart devices, playing music, and answering questions. You can then decide what other niche uses you’d like to look into, such as solving business problems.

Alexa Development Bundle highlights:


10 learning kits, $200 value each, you do the math. We’re spotlighting it today because the whole bonanza is on offer on Savumin for just $25.

It’s quite a bargain as it is, but we can even go one better. We found out that the promo code 40LEARN40 knocks the price down again to a mere $15 — the cheapest we’ve seen it.

The deal is on the brink of ending, so get in while you can. The button below leads you to it.

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