Master your data with the Apache Hadoop Training Bundle

Turn your big data skills into a lucrative career. 31 hours of content in the Apache Hadoop Training Bundle are just $24.65 with a promo code.

Your data is already everywhere. Companies use it to inform decisions and develop projects every single day. You can start developing your data management skills and turn them into a lucrative career quickly. The Very Big Data and Apache Hadoop Training Bundle is just $24.65 with a promo code.

The perfect way to jump into big data management is with Apache Hadoop. It’s an open-source framework that can handle high numbers of tasks and move mountains of data. The first hands-on lesson will give you real-world experience in managing data. In addition to the projects, you’ll practice with different cluster configurations.

Make Hadoop second nature with 30 hours of content.

In the next lessons, you’ll move to manage inputs and outputs for your Apache projects. After the inputs, you’ll learn the tips and tricks that the pros use such as combiners to reduce network congestion. The most common ways to use Hadoop involve real-world projects and adding SQL queries to access your data.

Once you’ve mastered Hadoop, you’ll start to learn Apache Mahout. Mahout combines Scale, Spark, H2O, and Hadoop’s MapReduce algorithms to develop machine learning. Top companies like Amazon and Yahoo rely on machine learning to complete everyday tasks. You’ll be able to create adaptable machines to turn your information into useful knowledge.

apache hadoop bundle courses

Apache Hadoop Bundle highlights:

The ten courses included in the Very Big Data and Apache Hadoop Bundle have a combined retail value of $3,000. You can pick them all up with the promo code BFSAVE15 for the low price of $24.65 right now. 

Big data is here to stay, but the deal is almost over. Hit the button below to get started.



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