Be an Amazon ace with the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Bundle

Study for your AWS certification for just $10. Practice with seven exams and over 600 questions to launch your future in the cloud.

The demand for Amazon Web Services (AWS) certified engineers is sky-high. Top companies like Pfizer, Unilever, and GE use the Amazon cloud every single day. You can pick up the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Bundle for just $10 and launch a new cloud career.

This learning kit helps you to dive into the basics of the AWS infrastructure. You’ll focus on the basic concepts while testing your knowledge through over 600 practice questions. If your goal is to be ready for the Certified Solutions Architect Associate exam, this is the place to start.

Over 14 hours of videos to get you exam-ready.

If you want to do well on the AWS certification exam, you have to study hard. This hands-on learning kit contains over 14 hours of video instruction to help you prepare. You’ll be able to complete seven full-length mock exams, so you’ll be ready for the exact structure of the test before you start.

AWS Certified SA Associate Bundle highlights:

  • Learn with easy-to-understand explanations of Amazon Web Services basics.
  • Practice with seven full-length exams and over ten quizzes.
  • Get answers to any questions related to the exam.
  • Access lab scenarios to practice your skills.

This exam-prep bundle has a retail value of $60, but this is your opportunity to grab it for just $10. An AWS certification can help you leap into a future-focused career, and the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Bundle is built to help you ace the exam.

The cloud is here to stay but this deal isn’t, start studying at the button below.

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