Deal: Burst into Bubble and build apps without coding

Build easier and better programs with Bubble. No coding required, just drag your elements together and build logical workflows.

You’ve probably had an amazing idea for an app at some point. Problem is, how do you program everything you want into it? That’s where Bubble comes in, with a developer lesson for $12.99.

If you’re anything like me, programming seems like a foreign language. Get it? Cause it really is a different language. Bubble is a visual programming platform that takes the confusion out of programming. Bubble goes beyond just building apps, you can use it to seamlessly drag together a website too.

This deal on a hands-on learning kit makes Bubble even easier. You are taken through the process of building practice clones of popular apps like Tinder. Maybe your app idea has nothing to do with dating, but the point is to gain experience with layouts similar to popular apps.

The tutorials are taught by Leon Petrou, an engineer with the simple goal of making programming more accessible. Petrou has already been successful at launching apps and building a company that specializes in app development.

The screengrab above shows just how simple programming with Bubble can be. Deciding what happens when a button is clicked is a step by step process that is easy to understand. Instead of facing a wall of code, you can easily see exactly how each piece of your project fits together.

The Bubble Developer course at a glance:

  • Build fully functional web and mobile apps completely on your own.
  • Deploy your app and launch your startup.
  • Create beautiful user interfaces with great user experiences.
  • Design elegant workflows, databases, and APIs.

There’s always a chance that someone else will have an idea similar to yours, so starting with Bubble just might help you beat them to the punch. This deal will have you Bubble certified for just $12.99, which is a savings of 93% of the retail value.

The deal won’t last long, so click the button and get bubbling!

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