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How to build a personal brand and become a rockstar in your industry

Creating a personal brand can help you to stand out in the gig economy and charge much more for your services.

A crash course in salary negotiation – Use psychology to get the pay you deserve

Great salary negotiation means you can earn more money doing the job you’re already doing.

The best tech companies to work for in 2020 (and how to land the job)

If you’re looking to land a job with a big tech firm, here are the best tech companies to work for in 2020.

Why work online? Ten compelling reasons

Working online is becoming increasingly common. Businesses are increasingly deciding to let staff work from home, while more and more …

The top online jobs you can work in 2020

Working online has a huge number of advantages: from giving you new freedom to work when and where you choose, …

Become a network administrator – an integral IT role for any business

If you like computers, enjoy problem solving, and want a job that’s likely to be in high demand for a …

How to Choose a Side-Hustle

How to Choose a Side-Hustle There’s never been a better time to start a side-hustle. There are more opportunities, more …

Develop shocking skills with the Ultimate Electrical Engineering Bundle

Jump into electrical engineering for the shockingly low price of just $25. Build fundamental skills while saving 97% off retail.

Command the cloud with the Complete Cloud Computing Bundle

Learn the big three cloud computing platforms for just $50. Launch into a future-focused career with 120 hours of content in the Complete Cloud Computing Bundle.

Deal: Multiply your earnings as a certified DevOps specialist

In the world of software development, speed means everything. Products need to hit the market faster than their competitors in …

Price drop! Breakout a new career with Google Cloud for only $23

According to, the Google Cloud Platform is forecasted to triple its salesforce within the near future. To ride this …

Launch your consulting future with this $13 tutorial

Learn how to start your consulting business in just one hour for less than $13. This deal might pay for itself the very first day.