Become a super statistician with the R programming bundle

Start a future in statistical analysis with one of the most popular languages. The Complete R Programming Bundle is just $24 with code.

Companies rely on statistics and analysis every single day to make decisions. There are tons of different ways to analyze those statistics and create regressions with them. You can pick up a tutorial in the popular language R with the Complete R Programming Bundle for $24.65 with code.

From the very first lesson, you’ll be developing machine learning regression models and testing their effectiveness with your R programming skills. Whether you’re a student or looking for a new career, the lessons are completely beginner-friendly.

Supercharge your statistics with 35 hours of training.

In addition to learning the fundamentals of R programming, you’ll begin to learn data scraping and mining from social media. Important business statistics can be found all over, you just have to learn where to look. You’ll next start performing more complex tasks with two of the most important R data science packages, Tidyverse and Dply.

Minerva Singh, Ph.D. is your guide through the wide world of R programming. As a Tropical Ecologist, she performs spatial data analysis throughout her various research projects. Her lessons will provide a real-world focused look at data analysis and how it can be used for both business and machine learning.

R Programming Bundle Courses

Complete R Programming highlights:

The courses in the Complete R Programming Bundle have a combined retail value of $1,200. Right now, you can pick them up for $24.65 with the Black Friday promo code BFSAVE15. If you model a regression, that’s a steep negative price coefficient for sure.

This deal is only good for a few more days, so hit the button and start learning now.

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