Develop shocking skills with the Ultimate Electrical Engineering Bundle

Jump into electrical engineering for the shockingly low price of just $25. Build fundamental skills while saving 97% off retail.

Right this minute, there are over 180,000 open electrical engineering jobs on Ziprecruiter. If you’ve been looking for a signal to jump to a new career, think of this as the lightning striking your kite. You can plug into the Ultimate Electrical Engineering Bundle right now for just $25.

Don’t be shocked when a deal like this contains electricity puns. This learning kit covers everything you want to know from substations to solar power. Also, it doesn’t amp up too quickly, the first few lessons will keep you grounded.

Branch into electrical circuits with 43 hours of content.

You can’t jump into electricity without an excellent understanding of the smallest nodes and circuits. Luckily, this beginner-friendly learning kit packs a ton of information into 43 hours of in-depth content. The bundle doesn’t just zap through hands-on lessons, you’ll also learn the theorems behind electricity and how it all works together.

Ahmed Mahdy is your guide through each lesson, and there’s definitely a buzz about him. He’s an electrical power engineer and a teaching assistant at Ain Shams University. Moreover, he’s one of Udemy’s top 10% most engaging instructors.

Electrical Engineering Bundle Courses

Electrical Engineering Bundle highlights:

The five courses in the Ultimate Electrical Engineering Bundle have a combined retail value of $1,000. Without a doubt, the opportunity to save 97% off retail and grab the bundle for $25 is an awesome deal. Can it be any easier or more affordable to jump to a new career?

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