Train for Google Cloud Platform certifications for just $15

Feel like you’re marking time in the wrong job? Perhaps a future-focused career on the Google Cloud Platform could reignite your passion. For just a few bucks, you could find out.

The Google Cloud Platform is Google’s answer to Amazon Web Services. It’s a suite of cloud computing services, and it’s the premier tool for a lot of high-end machine learning applications. That’s because TensorFlow, which is often used in deep learning technology, is also from Google.

It might all sound a bit niche, but TensorFlow is used to manage big data, which is where huge sums of money are being invested these days. How else are the corporations going to process all the data they hold about us?

Get fully trained for the Google Data Engineer and Cloud Architect certification exams.

If you like the sound of working in this field then the Complete Google Data Engineer and Cloud Architect Guide is a great place to start. It assumes no prior knowledge and contains 22 hours of easy-to-follow online video tutorials.

You’ll even be fully prepared for the Google Data Engineer and Cloud Architect certification exams. Best of all, thanks to a big price drop, it’s just $15 right now.

The Google Cloud training at a glance:

  • Access 166 lectures and 22 hours of content 24/7.
  • Prep for the Google Data Engineer and Cloud Architect certification exams.
  • Explore AppEngine, Kubernetes, and Compute Engine.
  • Discuss big data and Managed Hadoop with Dataflow, BigQuery, and more.
  • Learn how neural networks and deep learning work.

It’s quite an offer, especially as the Google Cloud training usually sells for almost $200. The deal expires in a few days though, so move quickly if you’re interested. 

Over 2,000 people have already signed up for $15. To join them, follow the link below.

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