Crack into cybersecurity with the Complete Information Security Bundle

Learn cybersecurity with the Complete Information Security Bundle for just $31. Learn skills in software used by Netflix, Dropbox, and more.

When every company has a presence in the cloud, how do they protect their information? They rely on a top-notch team of information security experts to lock down their data. You can train for one of these jobs with the Complete Information Security Bundle now for only $31.

First, you’ll jump into mastering the program NGINX, a top-grade HTTP server. Why start here? Top websites like Netflix, Dropbox, and WordPress rely on NGINX daily for information security. Although it sounds intimidating to jump into a program used by top companies, the learning kit is completely beginner-friendly.

Develop super information security skills with 81 hours of content.

A well-rounded knowledge base in information security takes time. Luckily, this bundle provides 81 hours of hands-on content in programs like Docker, Splunk, and AWS. Additionally, many of the courses are structured to help prepare you for certification exams to list on your resume. Adding a list of new cybersecurity skills to your resume is a perfect way to jump to a new career.

It should be noted that all seven included courses are guided by DevSecOps engineer Zeal Vora. Vora’s expertise is in info security and Linux systems, but he isn’t just a career educator. He holds numerous professional certifications and has instructed over 50,000 students.

Information security bundle courses

Complete Information Security Bundle highlights:

The combined retail value of the seven in-depth courses in the Complete Information Security Bundle is over $1,100 but you can get them all for just $31. Growing new skills starts with a single lesson, so why not jump into seven at once?

This deal won’t stick around forever, so hit the button below and get started.

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