Deal: Power up your projects with Jira

Take control of your workflow and project management with this tutorial from Jira. Get certified for 90% off of the retail value.

Tracking down issues in your projects can be a pain, especially if you work on a large team. It may be tough to assign just one person to be the fixer, but that’s where Jira comes in. 

Jira is the #1 development software for agile teams. This ultimate Jira learning kit will have you managing your workflow and tracking issues like a pro. This is your chance to grab 14 hours of tutorials for just $19.

The #1 Software Development tool for Agile Teams

The name Jira comes from Gojira, and if anyone knows how to move around and squash issues, its got to be a giant lizard.  That’s the benefit of the tutorials, you learn to organize your team and overcome the challenges you face by using the software.

Jira User Interface

The software doesn’t just help you track down bugs, its really a full-scale project management service. You can build workflows to fit your team’s specific needs. This tutorial kit will have you managing tasks better than ever.

If you haven’t tried the service yet and you work with a small team, there is a free version of the software that lets you work with up to ten users.

Ultimate Jira bundle at a glance:

  • Understanding Jira for Users, Managers, and Admins
  • Team Workflows
  • Setting up a Real-world Project
  • Visual Reference – Issue Administration

No matter what capacity you need to use Jira for, this learning kit has you covered. The topics are broken down into 129 smaller lessons and, like many of the deals we find, you can rewatch them as often as you need to.

This tutorial finishes with a valuable certification that shows you know Jira like the back of your hand. Get started now for just $19, saving 90% of the retail value.

This deal won’t wait around, so get ahead of your coding bugs at the button below.

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