Master Machine Learning and AI with this masterclass bundle

Launch a future in data science for just $29. Take on the Machine Learning and AI Certification Bundle and save 98% off retail.

The machines are rising to take over the world. Maybe that’s an exaggeration, but think about how many computers you interact with every day. You could launch a career improving your favorite devices with the Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Certification Bundle for only $29.

Machine learning is the future, and careers are coming with it. Companies like Dell and IBM are seeking out the top minds in the field to stay ahead of the game. Smaller companies like Dogtown Media have had the opportunity to work with Lexus and Red Bull, showing just how vast the opportunities are.

Learn to charm Python and start to dominate data science.

Over the course of 44 hours of beginner-friendly content, you’ll take a deep dive into the fundamentals of data science and prepare for the future of machine learning. Before you learn to run, you have to walk in languages like R and Python. Many of the learning kits we come across feature lessons in Python, so this bundle may help you develop other skills as well.

Once you’ve built a strong language base in Python, you’re ready to move on and learn about the most popular packages. Data wrangling and visualization packages such as Seaborn will help you answer research questions using your data in new ways. Other packages like Numpy and Pandas will have you practice using real data.

Machine Learning and AI courses

Machine Learning and AI Bundle highlights:

The eight courses included in this learning kit have a combined retail value of $1,600. This deal is your opportunity to grab the Machine Learning and AI Certification Bundle for just $29. You can save 98% off retail and launch into a future-focused career in just 44 hours.

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