Learn the essentials of Microsoft Office for $25

Dive into the essential programs used in most every workplace. Learn Word, Excel, and PowerPoint with the Microsoft Office Essentials.

If you’re in one of the few workplaces that don’t rely on Microsoft Office, you’re practically a unicorn. Excel, Word, and PowerPoint are like the big three programs that seem to be part of every single job. You can pick up the Essential Microsoft Office Training for $25 right now and get yourself workplace ready.

If you think you won’t rely on Microsoft Office that much, think again. I don’t even work in a real office to write about these deals, and I still have Word and Excel open all the time. No matter your level of familiarity, this beginner-friendly training will have you speaking the Office lingo in no time.

62 hours of content will have you fluent in MS Office.

This hands-on learning kit will help you build proficiency in all of the big three Office programs. You’ll cover both Word and PowerPoint before taking a deeper dive into Excel and Advanced Excel. You’re even covered whether you have Office 2016 or 365; there are lessons in each version.

Sure, Google offers its own versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. However, it’s tough to compete with the features that the original Microsoft Office versions provide. Trust me, I’ve spent plenty of time in both environments. The 62 hours of content in this learning kit will have you using shortcuts and features that you never knew existed.

Essential Microsoft Office highlights:

  • Learn the basics of Excel and progress to advanced functions.
  • Navigate PowerPoint and change templates or transitions like a pro.
  • Master Word and take control of advanced formatting and layouts.
  • Apply lessons to both the 2016 and 365 versions of Office.

The hands-on experience in the Essential Microsoft Office Training has a retail value of nearly $250 but it can be yours for only $25. You just have to apply the promo code BFSAVE15 at checkout to save an extra 15%. Once you’re done, you can make a PowerPoint all about your learning experience.

This deal ends soon, don’t let it slip away. Hit the button below and get started.

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