Promo deal: Jumpstart a career in graphic design for only $17

Take a second and think about how much graphic work you come across daily. It’s all over social media, and even YouTubers require high-quality clickbait thumbnail to generate traffic.

Simply put, job opportunities are abundant in this field. To help you get started, today we’re featuring the Professional Graphic Design Bundle. It’s only $17.40 if you use our promo code below.

Across 51 hours of training, this online training bundle is tailor-made for aspiring designers who have no prior experience. You’ll learn to channel your raw creativity through Adobe’s popular software duo: Photoshop and Illustrator.

The Professional Graphic Designer Bundle Courses

When it comes to art, practice really does make perfect. The first Photoshop learning kit will have you doing actual, practical, real-world graphic design projects. There’s even a training kit on HTML and CSS, which are fantastic skills to have on virtually any resume.

The Professional Graphic Design Bundle:

The combined value of this graphic design bundle is $1,200, but for a short time, you can get lifetime access to all six parts for just $29 on Savumin. Alternatively, you can pick it up for only $17.40 by entering the promo code 40LEARN40 at checkout.

This deal will expire soon, so don’t wait up. Follow the link below to enroll.

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