Jump into project management with this pro certification

Learn the best practices to become a project manager. You can grab this pro certification training suite for just $23.40 with code.

Sometimes it feels like the only way to advance in your job is to take on large projects and manage people. It sounds exciting, but what if you have no project management experience? That’s where this limited-time bundle comes in. You can grab certified training for just $23.40 with a promo code.

The project management pro certification training suite will help guide you from being a project yourself to using best practices as you work with others. The tutorials are beginner-friendly as well, starting with 42 hours focused on just the basics.

Learn how to pass the PMP and CAPM exams faster.

Simply learning information about project management is a great start. However, the training suite goes far beyond the information. As you reach the end of the tutorials you’ll start spending time reviewing and preparing for certification exams. When you become certified you can turn the lessons into an easily marketable skill.

Learning to manage projects and take on responsibility is a valuable skill when it comes to advancing in your career. You’ve probably experienced many managers and found some better than others. If you take the time to learn some of these best practices it may help you understand what made your managers tick.

Project Management

Each hands-on tutorial is carefully planned and taught by a different instructor with specialized experience. This is a great chance to learn from PMI-certified individuals as well as institutions that focus on business principles.

Project Management training suite highlights:

These courses hold a combined retail value of $1,248 but with the code 40LEARN40 you can access everything above for just $23.40. This is your opportunity to learn project management and take a step forward in your career.

The promo code is only valid through October, so hit the button below and start your track to management.

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