Pay what you want and jump into computer programming

Jump into an exciting new tech career with the Pay What You Want: Computer Programming Bundle. Start learning new languages for as little as $1.

A programming career starts with a single course. Or in this case, it starts with 20 of them. Which language have you always wanted to start learning? You can start your exploration into coding in practically any popular language with the Pay What You Want: Computer Programming Bundle.

It’s nearly impossible to find a modern business that doesn’t have a strong team of programmers. From startups to Starbucks, computer programming skills are more valuable than ever. This bundle includes hands-on lessons in HTML, JavaScript, Unity, and many more popular languages. If games are your passion, you can build a tower defense game in Phaser 3.

This deal isn’t like other deals though, it’s a special one. It includes all of the lessons you need to start a computer programming career, but you get to name your price. It’s called the Pay What You Want: Computer Programming Bundle and you can have it for as little as $1. How would you rather spend a dollar? Bet you can’t beat starting a new career.

(Most of) the Computer Programming lineup:

Computer Programming PWYW

The bundle is so big, it doesn’t fit onto one screen. Trust me, I tried. But here’s how it works: You choose your price, and whatever you pay you get access to the Image Processing with Python: Build an Instagram-style Filter course. This course alone has a retail value of $199, so you’re already getting it at a steal.

If you want all 20 courses with a retail value of over $3,500 you just have to beat the average price. The average is displayed in front of you, and right now it’s below $15. The price locks when you’re on the page, but only for a couple of minutes. 

Over 375 bundles have already been purchased, which means the average price is rising. Hit the button below and get started before it gets any higher.

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