Price drop! 97% off the Python Data Science Bundle

Data is now more in-demand than gold and oil, meaning the demand for data scientists is equally high. If you want to switch to this field, the Complete Python Data Science Bundle can teach you the ropes.

Data science might not sound as exciting as lion-taming, but in 2019 it underpins many big tech industries. The ability to analyze big data trends is essential to everything from marketing to investment banking.

Create exciting AI and machine learning innovations to tackle big data.

The Complete Python Data Science Bundle is a 12-part online learning kit teaching you the latest data techniques by example. You’ll try hands-on, real-world scenarios such as analyzing historical data from the Olympics and the Fifa World Cup.

Complete Python Data Science Bundle

Python is an important programming language in this field, and as coding goes, it’s very beginner-friendly. You’ll use Python, Spark, and more to create exciting AI and machine learning innovations, designed to tackle vast amounts of data.

Tech giants such as Facebook and Google are highly reliant on these techniques, so you’ll be opening a variety of career doors.

Python Data Science Highlights:

Despite the cumulative value of almost $1,200, right now the Python Data Science Bundle is on sale for just $37. If you sign up before Black Friday, you can even get it for only $31.45 using the promo code BFSAVE15.

By the way, you get lifetime access too, so you can grab the deal while it’s live and get started when you have the time.

The deal expires soon, so don’t put off your new specialization any longer. Hit the button below to find it.

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