New to Tableau? Here’s how to go from data noob to wizard

Tableau helps you tell your data’s story, but the story is only as good as the storyteller.

The last thing we need is a new system.

Every time your company comes up with a new system, you just know you’re going to have to completely reorganize your workflow and take to the task of learning something entirely new.

This frustration is merited in many cases. We’ve all been roped into those dead-end systems that are never put to full use, but some are the real deal, like Salesforce and Tableau. Learning to use tools like these can make you an expert in your own right with marketable skills beyond your current line of work.

Tableau in particular can have a steep learning curve. The training your company provides may be rudimentary, thrown together, and only applicable to your specific niche. However, if you’re interested in going above and beyond and want to become a total Tableau badass, your initial investment need not exceed $25.

Tableau in particular can have a steep learning curve.

The Mastering Tableau Certification Bundle is a selection of 5 learning kits specifically designed to max out your capabilities with Tableau. Soon you’ll be the go-to person in all things data interpretation.

Not only could this be the key to getting into the more important conversations within your company, but it’s also a skillset that is increasingly valued by companies across the board.

What’s included?

The benefit of getting a bundle like this one is that it’s geared to get you learning regardless of your current level of skill. If you’re brand new to Tableau, you can start with the Basic course, but if you’ve got your head around the core concepts, you can feel free to skip that and dive right into the more advanced offerings. You’re still saving on the cost of buying these courses individually.

The Mastering Tableau Certification bundle comes with all of the following:

You don’t have to be a data wizard to see that this is $770 worth of content currently available for just $25.

Ready to become a data wizard and excel in your company and beyond? Click the button below to learn more about all of these courses!

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