Build a business future with the ultimate MBA bundle

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Going back to school to get your MBA can be a daunting task. Where will you go? How will you find the time? Grab the Ultimate MBA bundle and learn many of the fundamentals you need for just $17.40 with a promo code.

The skills you acquire in an MBA program are extremely valuable when it comes to advancing a business career. This in-depth bundle helps you to develop many of the skills without the time or cost of going back to school. Saving money while maintaining quality is an important part of business anyway, right?

Learn about everything from interviews to business plans.

These hands-on MBA tutorials are designed to help you develop your business knowledge from bare bones. You have the opportunity to dive into financial analyst training and learn how to develop a complete business plan if you’ve always wanted to start your own company

Ultimate MBA bundle courses

This in-depth learning kit is led by award-winning business professor Chris Haroun. Haroun is a graduate of Columbia University and he has managed over one billion dollars during the course of his career. His resume goes on and on, but it boils down to having a strong understanding of business principles.

The ultimate MBA bundle highlights:

These five included courses may not give you a degree, but they will give you an incredible base of knowledge to advance your business career. They also cost a mere fraction of what an MBA degree costs and you can complete all of the content in just 49 hours. That sounds a lot easier than years of courses to me.

Business training like this retails for nearly $850, and this is an opportunity for you to grab it all for just $17.40. You can save 98% of the retail value right now just by using the code 40LEARN40 at checkout.

The coupon code is only good until the end of October, so don’t let it slip by you. Hit the button below.

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