Create awesome apps with the UI/UX Fundamentals Bundle

Launch into a user experience design career with the UI/UX Fundamentals Bundle. Over 20 hours of content is just $24 with code.

Think about your favorite apps for a minute. What makes them so great? It’s probably the content, but it’s also probably the user experience you have with them. You could jump into a career creating these user interfaces and experiences that you love with the UI/UX Fundamentals Bundle for $24 with promo code.

Creating compelling user experiences is a big-time job as more companies create their own apps. The user experience is how a consumer interacts with the website and bad UX is bad for business. This hands-on learning kit will start you out with the fundamentals of UX before you start to find and solve problems on your own.

Create captivating user interactions with over 20 hours of content.

To think like a user, you’ve got to act like a user. Lessons in the beginner-friendly bundle will help you to clearly define your audience and start relating to potential problems. After you learn about user challenges, you’ll learn about the key traits that make a successful user experience designer. It’s a top new field, and it has tons of room to flex your creative muscle.

A strong brand is at the heart of any great user experience. Your consumers want to be able to relate to their favorite brands and identify with them. You’ll spend some of the lessons developing brands and launching apps that are built to have great UX. There are millions of apps out there, make yours stand out.

User Experience bundle courses

User Experience Bundle highlights:

The nine courses in this massive learning kit have a combined retail value of over $1,000, and you can get them all for just $24.65. Use the promo code BFSAVE15 at checkout to get the UI/UX Fundamentals Bundle for the lowest price.

This deal ends soon, jump into user experience at the button below.

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