What skills do you need to be an entrepreneur?

When you work for someone else, you just have to be a good gear. When you work for yourself, you are the machine.

The idea of making money completely independent of any employer is a dream for many. But what skills do you really need to start living with that kind of freedom?

When you’re working for a company, you’re often a single part of a larger machine. You only have to focus on being the best gear or crankshaft that you can be to keep collecting that paycheck.

For many, this is a perfectly fine way of surviving. They occupy their desk, they collect their cash, and they “live” during the hours they can be home.

What does it take to live free?

There are some, though, who want more freedom. They aren’t satisfied being a piece of a machine. They want the flexibility and sense of pride that comes from steering their own life from the ground up.

When you’re running your own operation, you are the machine. That means all of your individual parts (skill sets) have to be up to snuff if you want to be profitable. So what skills do you need to be a business online?

Core skills for the entrepreneur:

  • Marketing
  • SEO
  • Copywriting
  • Business management
  • Data management and visualization

That list isn’t so daunting, is it? 

Unfortunately, it’s just the tip of the iceberg. Each of these bullet points represents a body of knowledge that entire degrees are dedicated to.

Do you really need 5 degrees to be a successful online business?

No! Thankfully not!

In the past, when information was less available, higher education or apprenticeship were the only ways to access this knowledge. Nowadays, you don’t have to waste your time with humanities classes you’re not interested in or fill out a tedious list of requirements all while accruing a debilitating amount of debt.

All the specific skills you need are readily available through online courses.

With online courses, you invest strategically in yourself. They can be pretty pricey individually, but if you hunt around, you can find relevant bundles that fit all of your needs.

Which brings us to the Solopreneur Expert Bundle.

What’s in it?

Here’s the full list:

Bought individually, these courses would run you over $1,800. However, for the next few days you can snag lifetime access to all these resources for $39.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not! Course creators often bundle new courses with previously successful ones to boost enrollment in the new course. Their marketing ploy is your opportunity get the gold without breaking the bank. 

If you’re interested in freeing yourself from the grind and striking out on your own, consider investing $39 in yourself. Get the full breakdown by clicking the button below!

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