Become a WordPress wizard for just $18

Save 87% off retail and learn to launch your web presence. Be a wise WordPress wizard without wasting your wealth.

Ok, maybe not a wizard because you don’t learn magic spells or anything. But you’ll be able to get valuable hands-on experience with one of the most popular site-building platforms. This deal will help you to build two responsive webpages in WordPress from scratch for just $18.

Many top websites rely on WordPress to bring content to their audiences: BBC America, Chicago Sun-Times, and oh, yeah Savumin and Android Authority. That’s right, you’re reading a WordPress powered post right now.

Build two entire websites step-by-step.

This hands-on lesson is as hands-on as you can get. You will be walked step-by-step from choosing your domain to utilizing plugins to adding social features like live chat. What more could you want on a site?

The tutorials are led by Andrew Eddy, the lead instructor at the Academy X Design School. He has worked in graphic design and web development with companies from startups to Coca-Cola. His motto is to teach by doing, so if you have doubts about any part of WordPress you will work through them with your own hands.

Learn WordPress highlights:

  • Create a business website and an online resume.
  • Learn how to choose and install templates.
  • Learn to find and buy a domain name.
  • Utilize plugins and widgets to make your sites unique.
  • Discover tips on rebranding for your new site.

The lessons you learn in these tutorials can take you far beyond just business sites. It can be an easy way to launch a WordPress blog or portfolio to get your name out there.

Eddy’s tutorials retail at just shy of $150, so this is a chance to learn how to launch your site at a steal. Where else can you learn the basics of WordPress for only $18? Forget trial and error, just nail it the first time.

Your website can last a long time but this deal won’t; hit the button below and start building your site.

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