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If you enjoy reading online articles then you may be interested in writing online yourself. Today’s deal is your chance to learn how for just $13.

Here’s a little look behind the curtain — I’m not writing these words from Android Authority HQ, I’m actually on a sunny balcony elsewhere. I’m still working, but it’s better than an office cubicle.

Writing online can let you work from anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection, and tackle a subject that interests you. There are no shortages of opportunities either; Android Authority employs dozens of writers, and we’re just one site.

Get the essential skills you need to write for a variety of online publications.

Anyone can learn but you need the right guidance, which is where How to Write for Any Site comes in. The highly-experienced course leader, Brian Honigman, has written for many online publications, from Forbes and the Wall Street Journal to HuffPost and Business Insider.

Across 49 lessons and four hours of content, Honigman takes you through the essential skills you need to write for a variety of online publications. It’s not just about the writing either; you’ll learn about promoting your work, networking with others, research methods, and much more.

How to Write for Any Site has a retail fee of $200, but a sale this week has temporarily slashed the asking price to just $12.99. You’ll have lifetime access though, so you can dive in whenever it suits you.

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