What is Savumin?

“Savumin” is Esperanto for “Save me.”

If you feel trapped in your current job, it’s our mission to equip you with the tools to save yourself.

Who is Savumin?

At Savumin, we have escaped the 9-5.

We all work online on our own time.

We frequently meet people who want to live the way we do. They’re demoralized by the traditional career path, or they’ve plateaued and don’t know how to make their next move.

With the rise of AI and automation, we’ve noticed that even more people are curious about how we make a living. Many traditional jobs don’t look like they have the lasting potential that they once did, and more and more positions are shifting to online/remote work.

We’re here to help you tap into this new way of thriving.

It’s not easy to quit your job and build income online. It’s not easy to accept realities and re-chart your career path from the ground up. It’s not easy to lean an entirely new skill.

At Savumin, we don’t believe in chasing quick money and easy solutions. There are plenty of sites that promise “6 easy ways to make money today online!” If that approach works for you, there are plenty of resources out there. But that hasn’t been our experience.

We believe that sustainable online income and career advancement require investment in yourself. You have to put in the time and the legwork to achieve real freedom. It’s not an easy path, and we can’t do it for you, but we can point you to the routes we took and offer resources that others have found useful on their journey.

What’s Savumin’s angle?

Although Savumin is a passion project, we still have to pay our bills.

We do our best to provide in-depth guidance and tips to those who don’t have the resources to invest in specialized training or formal courses, but we also form affiliate relationships with hundreds of online course providers and software creators. As such, we receive a cut of many purchases made through our links.

The courses and software we link to are frequently reduced in price or bundled with relevant tools for convenience. We look for the best ones to spotlight based on reviews, individual experience, track record of course creators, and the Return On Investment you would get for any discounts.

Although many creators are using funding sites like Patreon to bolster income, we do not accept donations or investments of any kind. We don’t discourage or look down on anyone using Patreon, we just feel better if we only make money when we help others make their move. That seems appropriate and in alignment with our mission.

If you like what we’re about and you want to support the work we do here, we encourage you to pick an online course relevant to your interests and dive right in! We get a cut, you get the tools you need, and we both get to invest more time in the things we love.

Tell me more…

Savumin is still in it’s infancy, and there is so much more we want to offer.

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